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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hmmm..........I need to rename this blog.  I created it a few months ago as a place for me to park ideas for my own use.  Since I have to do almost every bulletin board in the school, I run out of ideas quickly, so looking at other folks's boards is helpful. 

"Bulletin Boards to Remember" really means, "Jan...You Can Use This Idea Later."  I think other people are starting to find it now, and so I'll try to make it a little more attractive to others. 

These are 99% about art, so I need a snazzy art name for this.  Suggestions?


  1. I'm not sure about the name but I do love that you focus on art bulletin boards. I have a big board that I have to take care of and at times I would look for some ideas online and couldn't find a thing. I love posting pictures of my bulletin boards for this reason. You are welcome to stop by and take a look.

  2. I agree that I am so glad you started a bulletin board blog! As an art teacher I am always looking for ideas! Thanks for including my bulletin board ideas in one of your posts! I have some more that I will try to post to my blog if you are interested:)