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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back to School - Food Theme

These ideas were sent to me from Amy Kratochvil, K-6 Art Teacher, Big Bend Elementary. Thanks so much, Amy!

 Notes from Amy:  Each year, our building has a school-wide theme.  We've done music, animals, sports, colors, ocean, etc... but this year is food!  We are Hungry For Learning!  For my art room (and the many display spaces in the hallway), I love incoporating the theme into my bulletin boards.  
"Art Room" is the bulletin board everyone sees when they walk in my room.  Each popcorn container at the bottom includes art vocabulary words.
"Hallway-Kids" is a rasterized image of The Scream and the speech bubble says "Summer is over?!?".  The next speech bubble is going to say "Parent/Teacher Conferences are next week?!?" 
"Hallway-teachers" I believe is stolen from another website, but it went with our food theme so well, I just had to use it!
"Magnetic Wall" is a selection of scrapbook papers (cheapest posters EVER!) that go with the theme and provide a large pop of color.
Thanks for putting together such a great website!
-Amy Kratochvil
K-6 Art Teacher
Big Bend Elementary

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